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I've made an effort to use the most current technology available to deliver our message. But, whenever you're dealing with computers, not every system always has the most "up to date" stuff in it--or, often it does and just doesn't work right anyway. Consequently, I've tried to include the links needed to ensure proper viewing, listening and reading. As we say in the business: to ensure a smooth user experience.

For the most part: we're using Adobe Flash and some MOV files for the video files that should work equally as well with Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime Player. And the documents should all be Adobe PDF anywhere on the site. If there's an exception to this it's just becasue I've missed it in all the years of reworking the site. Sorry 'bout that and you certainly can let me know and I'll fix it post haste, if not sooner.

I try and test the site across a few versions of IE, Safari, Firefox and most recently, Google Chrome. Over the years, the kids have gotten better at playing together but there are still ugly differences. If it sucks too bad, just let me know and I'll fix it (you got it; post haste, if not sooner).

Obviously if you come across broken or non-working links anywhere on the site let me know and I'll fix 'em.

All programs and plugins are freely available from the manufacturers and I make absolutely no guarantee that something won't go wrong. In fact, if you're trying to insall them onto a computer, something is just about assured to go wrong. Bank on it!

Safari Current version of Apple's Safari.
Google Chrome Current version of Google Chrome (my new favorite browser).
Download Internet Explorer Current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
FireFox Current versions FireFox.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Most of the documents we've provided are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version is available from Adobe.com for free. With most browsers, this will install as a plugin so that you can use it without exiting your browser.
Download Windows Media Player & Components Audio & Video files on this site are now either WMF, WMA (Windows Media) or MP3 files. All formats are playable with Windows Media Player, which will act as a browser plug-in or play the file externally in its own interface.
Adobe Flash Player

Windows Vista (not sure about Windows 7) doesn't install the Windows Media Plugin for Firefox.

Flash plugin for Firefox from Adobe.com. (download to your desktop and double click it to install; close Firefox first, though)

download Java I don't think I've got anything out here that requires it anymore, but just in case. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (I'm guessing 8 as well) no longer include a Java plugin. You can download one directly from Sun Micro Systems (the people that invented it).

setting video quality


check it out:

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