The Big Pizza Box

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The Big Pizza Box IVThe Big Pizza Box 5 ("life of adventure") is mixed, mastered and in final release.

This album would not have been possible with out the gallant efforts of the guitar Gods:

Special big thanks!

title lead
Always Love You D. Tapp
I'm Alright  
The Way You Love Me  
Walking the Dog  
5 Days A Week D. Tapp
She's Coming Down R. Nix
Girls In SUVs  
Dream Girl  
Magical World R. Nix
Life of Adventure D. Tapp
The Road R. Nix (rhythm, lead)

The Big Pizza Box IVThe Big Pizza Box 4 (Scary Pizza), represents the culmination of years worth of creative, not really. I wish that were the case but it's just "putsing" around in the studio.


The Big Pizza Box III (furrowed brow)The Big Pizza Box III - (furrowed brow) is my favorite to date. And that's a good thing. I figure that if I ever get to a point where I'm liking what I did 5 years ago better than what I'm doing now . . . well, then it would be time to just eat the barrel of a .38.

The Big Pizza Box II (Fsh Hatchery)The Big Pizza Box II - (Fish Hatchery) was the natural offshoot of number one. It's a little more on the edgy side of things.

I still played everything except for the leads and I wrote all the songs except for 'Summertime' which I co-authored with James Garver.


The Big Pizza Box IThe Big Pizza Box is the name of my solo stuff. It's evolved over the years as I've been involved in bands ranging from polka to country to new age alternative rock.

I guess I'd have to call it mostly 'poppy' kind of rock. (mostly).

This was all recorded in the Attic in 88 and 89.


All songs copyright Scott Nason (1988-2009). All rights reserved, unauthorized reproduction punishable by death.