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The office environment is changing and so are the products that we use to do business. In the early 80s, plain paper copying was the new best thing. A few years later, plain paper faxing came along.

Today, it's digital and it's connected. Multi Function Products allow us the freedom to scan, print, fax, email, copy and begin the process of establishing an electronic workflow.

But the traditional "box" sales cycle is no longer effective when it comes to selling digital. A process oriented "workflow" approach has to be adopted. By addressing a business need, you can effectively lock out the competition and maintain high margin sales.

With over 25 years in the office products arena, Scott Nason has the knowledge and experience to help your business sell digital connectivity.

We offer a wide range of seminars and training classes from simple Scan To File classes to complete digital value workshops.


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"we can design a training program that's right for your organization"

Our newest addition is a one day workshop;

Digital Document Specialist

Intended Audience:

This class is a technical overview of the use and creation of digital documents and is intended for individuals that, through the normal course or their daily activities, would be involved in the manipulation, production and distribution of electronic documents.
This could include DMS employees involved with a customer’s digital workflow or in-house personnel involved in almost any digital document process. (excerpt from the manual)