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NasonProductions - Specializing in digital media production, web design & marketing
Scott Nason

Starting in 1981 as a service technician for an office machine company, I progressed through the organization and held positions at almost every level inside the company. (see my business resume)

Throughout that time period, I built and operated a sixteen-track recording studio, played in several different bands, coauthored 3 manuscripts, wrote and directed 2 inde-films and recorded over 5 CDs worth of original music.

In February of 2003 my employer of 22 years and I went our separate ways over, what I would simply call, creative differences - and yes, I was the one that made the decision to leave. (why?)

I have spent my entire life in that middle ground between the left and the right brain - between the creative and the analytical.

recording engineer demo reel
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