"simply the best tool available for mastering the guitar neck"

Main Features

fretBURN is designed to be the best tool around for learning the notes on the neck of the guitar. You can select either 6 string guitar and 4 string bass.

Pinch to Zoom allows you to show as much or as little of the neck as you need.

fretBURN gives you mulitple ways to view the notes on the neck through the freeform mode. Or hone your skills by choosing the Lesson mode to systamatically work through the canned lessons. You can also mannually design your own lessons in freeform.

Integrated Help screens give you quick access to the App's main buttons.

freeform Mode

freeform Mode allows you to select the notes you want to display in a bunch of different ways from single notes to just the white keys on the keyboard. more...

Lesson Mode

Lesson Mode lets you pick from canned lesson that are designed to systematically work you through memorizing the neck. more...


Video Demos

freeform: Overview

freeform: 1-Note

Lesson Mode: "canned"

Lesson Mode: using freeform




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