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So How Do You Use freeform Mode?

freeform is the original way i invisioned using the App before coming up with the (much better) idea of having a Lesson/Practice mode. freeform essentially lets you pick what notes you want to display. It's a pretty cool reference manual for the neck and it's under your control.

freeform Videos

freeform: Overview

freeform: 1-Note


Here's a quick explanation of the buttons and what they do:

Button - ALL

Pretty self explanitory; the ALL button will toggle all the notes on the neck ON and OFF.

Button - Black-White

Black-White keys on the piano; select to toggle from all the white key notes -> all the black key notes -> then back to all on.

Button - Dotted

Select just the notes on the dotted frets; press again to change to the notes on the non-dotted frets.

Button - Sharp-Flat

Changes the display on the half step notes; display the notes as Flat; disply the notes as Sharp or display as both.

Button - 123

Turns the Fret Number Display on and off. This will follow the other buttons, so if Dotted is selected, only the dotted fret numbers will display.

Button - Nut

Turns the display of the open (or "Nut") string labels on or off.

Button - String 6

Numbers 1 - 6 turn on and off the associated string display. (1 - 4 for bass guitar)

Button - One Note

One Note gives you the ability to select a single note or multiples. Pick "A" and it shows you all the A's across the whole neck. Select A,C,D,E,G and you'll see all the forms of the A minor pentatonic scale.

Button - Frets

Pulls up a Fret Slider so you can crank down from the top or up from the bottm. Slide up from the bottom to selectively turn off the frets 1,2,3, etc. Or slide down from the top to turn off 21,20,19...

Button - Help

Pulls up the Help Screen overlay for either the freeform or Lesson Modes.

Button - Info

Splash Screen and copyright information.




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