"simply the best way to learn the notes on the guitar neck"

An Idea Strikes

So somewhere around a year ago, after having played "recreational" guitar for over 20 years, I really decided to kick it into high gear and become a better guitarist. I'd actually played bass in a bunch of bands over a long period of time and, sadly to say, in order to accomplish that I only had to learn the open string notes and the notes on the first 2 strings for about the first three dots. Wow, rockin'.

So, being a new iPad owner, I thought it would be great to have an App to help me. I tried free ones and I tried pay ones and nothing ever really blew my skirt up. So I thought, "how hard could it be to write my own?" Turns out the answer is something along the lines of "Holy s&^t are you kidding me!?"

The Journey

Around August of 2011, I worked out the basic sub-routines and functions in and Excel spreadsheet using VBA. This was helpful in, at least getting some idea about what the thing should do.

Nason Pictures

Screen shot from the first Excel prototype.

So in December of 2011, I signed up for an Apple developer account and began the painful uphill battle to learn Xcode and Objective-C.

"sorry--I just don't get it. OOP is like trying to learn to be a doctor in a different language while upside down on the back of a moving bus!"

I posted my whole log-journal here.

I'd say it took 4 months of so of early morning training videos and crash coding sessions to get the point where I could even start to have a credible conversation about Object Oriented Programming. I'm still a little foggy but getting there!



check it out:

“Mommas don't let your babies...whatever...”

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