"simply the best way to learn the notes on the guitar neck"

Using fretBURN's Lesson Mode

The fretBURN Lesson mode allows you to systematically work through canned lessons to work your way up the neck.

Lesson #1 starts out with 3 frets on the bottom two strings and then progresses, 3 overlapping frets at a time, moving up 2 strings at a time.

By Lesson #24, you've mastered the whole to bottom. You are a now officially a guitar neck MASTER!


And remember that you can always go back to freeform and build your own lesson. Just set up the neck the way you want it and then select Lesson #0 in the Lesson mode.


Lesson Mode Video Demo

Lesson Mode: "canned"

Lesson Mode: using freeform

Lesson Mode


check it out:

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