What's New

August, 2015

Began work on the next major re-work of the site. Literally touching every single page and reworking the framework for better compliance and device support.

May 9th, 2010

Chip Chilton page is up. Links to audio, video, Facebook and more.

May 8th, 2010

Alright, I converted all the AVI, ASF and WMV media to MOV. Everything should be working in Quicktime now on both platforms...but I had to change about a bazillion links, so if you run across stuff that doesn't work I'd appreciate you letting me know. Thanks (and sorry, again).

May 6th, 2010

My apologies to our Mac users. Just found out that I've set up this whole thing to not work on Safari. Will correct shortly.

November 23th, 2008

Oh great, now there's a blog out here too! (where will the madness end?)

July 15th, 2008

We've got a new photo album and, if you haven't heard, we're pregnant.

February /2008

After quite a long break, the Big Pizza Box is back in production with their 5th album. (CD...whatever...)

August /2007

NasonProductions closes its doors. With economic pressures from foreign interests and an increasing globalization of the skills-based market structure, well, that was about all she wrote.


NasonProductions lands contract with Avalon ENG, the Florida based, nationwide placement agency. Their new database driven site should be up and running soon. (we'll post a link in the Gallery when it's up)


We've added the industry leader; Digidesign Pro Tools to our audio lineup.

4/13/2007 - A Good Year

So far, 2007 is turning out to be good year. We've upgraded to Vista and the early results are in: "It's pretty (?)" We've got the Gallery page up and running and we're working on an online store.

1/4/2007 - "Facelift" Almost Complete

We're almost done with the first phase of the retrofit. We've got all new audio and video player technology and we'll be updating the actual content shortly. (thanks for your patience!)

12/22/2006 - Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy & joyous holiday from all of us at NasonProductions.

11/25/2006 - "Facelift"; The Saga Continues

Well now you've done it! We're in the middle of what you'd have to call a major site renovation. With over 1,200 pages, it's gotten just a little unruly over the years and it's about time that we got it under control! (sorry for the mess)

09/07/2006 - New Flash Audio Players

Microsoft has changed the way that it serves up active content inside of Internet Explorer. For that reason you may be seeing a lot of "Click to Activate..." messages as you surf around. We've got new Flash players along with the JavaScript necessary to get around this little annoyance.

08/01/2006 - NasonProductions Goes Full time

NasonProductions hits the ground running. With over 30 years experience in audio production and 10 years in video and web design, NasonProductions takes the plunge and goes from a part time operation to a full time.

06/02/2006 - Always on the Move

Face lift continues with the use of new tools like Dreamweaver from Adobe/Macromedia.

01/29/2005 - NasonProductions gets major face lift

Always on the go, always innovative....always trying to figure out what the heck happened after we upgraded ie...(?)

08/09/2003 - NasonProductions moves to iPowerWeb

Now with five times the storage space, sql, cgi - the sky's the limit. So long Yahoo - hello iPowerWeb.

07/20/03 - NasonProductions adds CSS1 Elements

NasonWebServices embarks upon CSS rework of NasonProductions site.

03/22/03 - NasonProductions adds CONSULTING & TRAINING SERVICES

NasonProductions now offers office space digital connectivity consulting & training.

03/02/03 - NasonProductions adds NETWORKING SUPPORT

NasonProductions now offers networking and desktop cmputer support. With 20 years experience in computers and technology, we are uniquely equipped to handle the support needs of the small office and home office environments.

02/22/03 - PayPal Payment Options Added

NasonProductions can now accept credit card payments through a free and easy to use PayPal account.

06/09/02 - Tetrasonics (the 'Journey')

Rather than just adding a section about Tetrasonics, I used it as the beginning of a creative journey. More audio than ever.

02/26/02 - www.NasonProductions.com

Comcast.net whacked our web space from 70M down to 25, so here's the excuse I've been looking for to launch our first www.

09/24/2001 - Face lift begins!

Here we go again - NasonProductions gets a face lift.

04/25/2001 - Marie & Barn make vow!

See the ring. See if the daring couple actual goes through with it.

12/24/2000 - New look for BJ Photo.

(12/27/2006) - BJ Photo has been replaced with the new Photo Gallery.

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Coming soon: new clips, music and shorts.

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