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Chip Chilton (the early years)

 Chip Chilton was a musician, a biker a film maker an odd bird and my friend.


Chip Chilton's Bike (loaded)

Most of the music from "25 Days With a Smart Mouth" was written and performed by Chip Chilton and his band.

The funny thing is that these were all tracks that were originally destined for other things. Chip had recorded all of the band tracks but hadn't gotten around to overdubbing the vocals yet. Turns out that was a huge stroke of luck for the movie!


The Big Pizza Box

The Big Box is what I started calling my own stuff back in about 1988. It's all original and it was all recorded at the Attic.

It ranges from kind of poppy to satirical to new agey.


Harry Dial

Harry Dial has got to be one of the most exciting (and fun) projects I've ever worked on in the studio.

Besides being an awesome musician, Harry's one of the nicest people I know . . . check out his web site for more on this modern day blues master.


David Payne

 David Payne was one of the first musicians I played with when I moved to Nashville back in 1981. Over the years, we ended up playing in many bands together and collaborating on multiple projects in the studio.

Dave got lung cancer in 1997 and I watched him fight it as hard as I'd ever seen anyone fight anything. And, although it ended up taking his life, it never beat him.

Dave and I compiled this anthology of his original stuff right before he died in April of 1999.


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