The Big Pizza Box

The Big Pizza Box 7

The Big Pizza Box 7 ("out of the box")

Original release: 2016

is mixed, mastered and in final release.

This is my first album playing all the instruments. Including lead guitar.

The Big Pizza Box 5

The Big Pizza Box 5 ("life of adventure")

Original release: 2009

This album would not have been possible with out the gallant efforts of the guitar Gods:

Special big thanks!

David Tapp

Rusty Nix

The Big Pizza Box IV

The Big Pizza Box 4 ("Scary Pizza")

Original release: 2003

represents the culmination of years worth of creative, not really. I wish that were the case but it's just "putsing" around in the studio.

The Big Pizza Box III

The Big Pizza Box III ("furrowed brow")

Original release: 1999

is my favorite to date. And that's a good thing. I figure that if I ever get to a point where I'm liking what I did 5 years ago better than what I'm doing now . . . well, then it would be time to just eat the barrel of a .38.

The Big Pizza Box II

The Big Pizza Box 2 ("Fish Hatchery")

Original release: 1992

was the natural offshoot of number one. It's a little more on the edgy side of things.

I still played everything except for the leads and I wrote all the songs except for 'Summertime' which I co-authored with James Garver. (James sang and played lead guitar on this one to)

The Big Pizza Box

The Big Pizza Box

Original release: 1990

is the name of my solo stuff. It's evolved over the years as I've been involved in bands ranging from polka to country to new age alternative rock.

I guess I'd have to call it mostly 'poppy' kind of rock. (mostly).

This was all recorded in the Attic in 88 and 89.