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WARNING: the outtakes contain language inappropriate for younger children, some adults, certain cults & groups along with several species of Planktonic invertebrates.


Tetrasonics' main revenue generation came from producing jingles and the subsequent 'spots' that followed. Inevitably, you're going to have a few flubs when dealing with the reading of copy day in and day out.

Here's a sampling and, if anyone's interested, I've included the complete set of all the studio outtakes I collected over a two year period. They total about 13 minutes (complete outtakes: one, two and three).



Working in jingle production for a living gave me an opportunity to work with some seriously talented people. Here's a short montage of some of my favorite pieces of jingle-art.


Demo Sessions

On occasion, we'd have people approach the studio about doing band demo session work. Although it wasn't our primary focus, it was an opportunity to do something different. Here's about 5 minutes worth of my favorite demo sessions. It really represents my Audio Engineer Resume from that period.




 a Message from Mark

 Ann (frog)

 Ann (fireplace)

 Giggles (part 1)

 Giggles (part 2)

 Giggles (part 3)

 Giggles (part 4)

 Wanna-F-Again Bay


Jericho Harp

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