A History of the Bands

The Bands

Not counting grade school and college, here's a list of all the bands I've been in over the years. It seemed liked more than that, but I think that's just because of the number of musicians that churned through some of these.

(some pictures, audio and just a little history on each)


1976 - Laverne & The Starlites

1978 - Don White & Southern Freedom

1979 - Stoney Ridge

1982 - Metro

1983 - Exit 18

1986 - Psychic Surgery

1988 - Psychic Surgery (part II)

1991 - Watching The Detectives

The Instruments

1966 - Played trumpet from fourth grade through college.

1975 - Started playing acoustic guitar in college (didn't we all?)

1976 - Started playing bass with Lavergne & The Starlites.

2013 - Started playing lead guitar (to be more self sufficient).