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We're going to miss you Chip - thanks for the laughs! End of Day 3

The Journey

On June 1st 1998, Chip Chilton embarked on a monumental journey. Armed only with his trusty 2 wheeled monster (sorry, Harley), 27 pounds of tools and enough rain gear to brave the jungles of Borneo . . . he took off down Route 66.

The trip would ultimately take 25 days, cover over 8,000 miles and span 2 continents (wait a minute - is Utah a continent?). Culminating in the awesome 21 hour home stretch on day 25!

"25 Days With a Smart Mouth" started out as nothing more than a way to cut 14 hours of video footage down to something interesting and viewable.

But along the way it turned into something more than that. During the 8 months and nearly 170 hours of editing, "25 Days" began to take on a life of its own.

The Premiere

The Premiere of "25 Days" was held in April this year and was a smashing success. Over 400 of our closest friends and neighbors came from all over the world to see the 220 minute monolith.

Afterwards the praise was unanimous. "25 Days" would go down in history as one of the world's longest movies.

The Project

"25 Days" was edited on a Pentium II 400 system with 256 megs of ram and a 36 gig drive array.

The project was started on Adobe Premiere 4.2 and progressed through 5.0, 5.1 and eventually 5.1a.

"I don't think the PC platform is quite ready for video," says Scott Nason, Chief Engineer on the project. "It's just so flaky right now - maybe in another year or two we'll have the stability that this kind of stuff requires."

The Graves Mulder Face

"I'm a monster . . . a f&%!ing monster."

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 Route 66

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The Next Feature

Our first feature film, "It's Human Skin" is complete. This zero budget film was started last March and progressed slowly to the present.

"I can't believe how hard it is to do this," says Scott Nason - the Naso in NasoChilt. "I mean, we've got 100% control over this thing and we couldn't keep continuity or creative flow if our lives depended on it!"

Chip Drinkin'

Route 66 Wall