the Creative Journey

"This site is dedicated to independent films, books & music. And to those individuals who draw, paint, perform, write, sculpt, sing, dance, act, juggle, mime, model, photograph, design, cook, sew, knit, crochet, macramé or whittle . . . not for the rich financial rewards, but just for the sheer love of it."


The Big Pizza Box IIIFrom the first bedroom studio to Psychic Surgery to the 120,000 words of the first manuscript, this web site represents more than just images, words & music. It represents a journey through a creative place and an unknown road ahead.

For me, the story starts in the spring of 1977 at a place called Tetrasonics Recording Studio in St. Cloud Minnesota.


Traces of Terror

"action suspense science fiction with biting social commentary to boot . . ."


Along the Creative Journey, watch for this sign. There are many entry points and side trips. Clicking here will always move you along the path of the Journey. Regardless of how you got there to begin with.

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